Introducing Sedex Synergy

Sedex Synergy is our commitment to working effectively with you to collect, listen, and act on your feedback, to better support and serve your business.

Our vision is to drive organisations globally to improve the lives of the people they impact. Through collaborating with our customers, we will provide the most trusted and efficient information, tools, and services to manage risk and drive responsible business in global supply chains.

We know we can do better, but we need your help in making sure we’re focusing on the most impactful areas and effectively supporting you to meet your responsible business goals.


What’s in it for me?

As a result of the ongoing feedback and insights we collect, we will ultimately be improving the experience you have with us. This is likely to include the following areas:

  • Our products and services are fit for purpose and meet your needs
  • Your interactions with us are easy and enjoyable
  • Our membership options are relevant and provide value to your organisation
  • Communications from us are timely, relevant and personalised
  • The support you receive has a positive impact on your responsible business journey.


How do I get involved?

We will be regularly asking for your feedback on your experience and interactions with us, so please look out for these opportunities to have your say. You have our commitment that we will share the insights and actions taken as a result of this feedback.

If you have any questions, please contact your Relationship Manager or email [email protected]

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