Ferrero joins Sedex to improve supply chain transparency

Ferrero will use Sedex’s global platform, industry leading tools and resources to gain further visibility of its global supply chain and engage with its suppliers to improve standards.

Ferrero began in the small Italian town of Alba in Piedmont, 1946. Today they generate a consolidated turnover of over 10 billion Euros, putting them amongst the market leaders of the confectionery sector and one of the largest Groups in the global chocolate confectionery market. The Ferrero Group operates in over 53 countries, employing more than 40,000 people across 22 production plants and 6 agricultural companies.

In line with its Corporate Social Responsibility approach, Ferrero seeks to constantly enhance the transparency of its supply chain. For this reason, Ferrero is engaged with Sedex to develop coverage of social audits at all tiers. This will enable Ferrero to gain even greater insight into its global supply chain, beyond the direct sustainability impacts.

“We applaud Ferrero for their leadership on sustainability issues and are delighted that such a well-known and respected global brand has chosen to work with Sedex to further strengthen its commitment to responsible sourcing”

Jonathan Ivelaw-Chapman, Sedex CEO

Ferrero’s Group CSR approach aims to share values to create value throughout the whole value chain related to the major pillars of people and planet; from supporting local communities, to the people who contribute to the history of the company, by promoting active living, up to improving the impact of its activities throughout the entire supply chain.

Ferrero believes it has an important role to play in responsible sourcing, and is choosing to work with Sedex. Aldo Cristiano, Head of Global Procurement Raw Materials and Sustainability, said “Ferrero is committed to improving supply chain transparency. Sedex’s tools and resources will enable us to further drive improvements in responsible business practices within global supply chains, by first operating in critical geographical zones and meeting our Corporate Social Responsibility approach related to sharing values to create value”


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