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Achieve your supply chain goals with Sedex

Over 74,000 companies across the world have chosen Sedex as their trusted partner to create more socially and environmentally sustainable businesses and supply chains.

How it works

The fees are determined by annual sales revenue, making Sedex accessible for businesses of all sizes. The set-up cost includes training and account management support to help you get the most from your Sedex membership.

Annual sales revenue
Set up cost £ 2,402
Subscription fee £ 3,130
Total cost (first year)
£ 5,532

Join our customers

Benefits for your business

ESG made easy

Save time and money efficiently managing supply chain sustainability from one platform

Get ahead of risks

Proactively uncover, manage, assess and mitigate business and supply chain risks

Comply with ease

Protect your business and stay one step ahead of current and upcoming legislation

Seamless reporting

Quickly and easily track and share relevant data with business stakeholders

Connect & share

Build valuable connections through a global 74,000 strong community

Protect revenue

Prevent sustainability issues negatively impacting your business